Mouthguard comparison


'One size fits all'. Stock Sports mouthguards are commercially available in stores. Because they are not customized to fit your mouth, they are often uncomfortable and restrict breathing and speech. In addition, the wearer has to clench their teeth together to stay in place. This is the most economical type of sports mouthguard but it also offers the least protection.  

Boil and Bite

Mouth-formed, commonly referred to as 'boil and bite' are warmed in water and the user bites into it to fit their teeth. Most have a removable strap to attach to a helmet. They are less bulky than the stock types and fit slightly better, but often have a loose fit and still require the user to clench their teeth together to hold the sports mouthguard in place. 

Custom Vacuum Form

Custom Fabricated Sports mouthguards are created by using a mould or impression of the teeth taken and processed by the dental hygienist so that the sports mouthguard fits the athletes mouth. Because it is perfectly customized, it has a comfortable fit which allows the athlete to speak and breath properly and does not require the wearer to clench to keep it in place. Although it offers good protection, it is more expensive when compared to the previous examples. 

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Custom Pressure Form

Pressure laminated sports mouthguards are made the same way as the custom fabricated ones, but layers of protection are fused together in a Dental Laboratory. This type of sports mouthguard is the most expensive and provides the highest level of protection